Cost & Fee

In Dyad Medical we offer our patients with different treatment plans to suit their individual needs.

The cost of the assessment differs based on two factors. Type of assessment and which one of our clinicians will conduct the assessment.


Type of assessment

  •  Initial Psychiatric Assessment (i.e. general mental health problems, depression, anxiety, OCD … etc)
  • Specialist Adult ADHD assessment (this includes an initial psychiatric assessment)

Our clinicians

  • Dr Mohamed Abdelghani (Consultant Psychiatrist)
  • Mr David Rogalski (Clinical Pharmacist Non-Medical prescriber ADHD specialist)

Dr Abdelghani

Appointment typePrice

ADHD assessment with Dr Abdelghani (approx. 2 hours)


Initial psychiatric assessment with Dr Abdelghani (approx. 1 hour)


ADHD follow-up / psychiatry follow-up with Dr Abdelghani


Non-Medical Prescriber (NMP) ADHD Specialist

Appointment typePrice
ADHD assessment with NMP (around 2 hours)£500

ADHD assessment with NMP (around 2 hours) + Consultation with Dr Abdelghani to confirm diagnosis & agree treatment plan (around half an hour)*

*we aim to book the consultation with Dr Abdelghani as soon as possible, after the assessment with the NMP and if possible, this can be on the same day


ADHD follow up with NMP



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